Chair of Electromagnetic Theory

Coupled Simulation Method for Electromagnetic Field Distributions in Geometrically Complex Structures With Cable Systems

Project title (German)
Verfahren zur rechnergestützten gekoppelten Simulation elektromagnetischer Feldverteilungen in geometrisch komplexen Strukturen mit Kabelsystemen

Project manager
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Markus Clemens

Project member
Eike Scholz, Dipl.Phys.

field cable coupling

Project description

Objective of this research project is the development of efficient simulation methods for computer-aided electromagnetic compatibility investigations with special consideration of cable and multi-conductor systems such as electronic control systems or power supply systems in automobiles, airplanes or computer systems when exposed to high power electromagnetic pulses.

These pulses can be caused, for example, by natural flashes (Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse, LEMP). Due to the complexity of technical systems and a partly insufficient measurability of the relevant characteristics, the computer-aided EMC investigation approaches are to be methodically improved in this project.

For this purpose, time domain analysis methods based on Finite Integration Time Domain (FITD) method and Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Elements Method (DG-FEM) for the simulation of electromagnetic coupling processes in single cables or multi-conductor cable strands and multi-conductor network systems as well as their repercussions on the environment, and also the multi-conductor interactions are to be researched and implemented in a first test implementation. In particular, the dispersion and long-term stability of the coupled method are evaluated with respect to the further progress of the work with the FITD method and the DG-FEM, respectively.

Project-related publications

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